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White Pillars

I Am.....

Urban Business Sociologist, Motivational Speaker &

Media Personality

Vanessa "V" McBee is a Strategic Consultant and Entrepreneurial Life Coach providing Strategy, Insight, and Reinforcement to independently owned businesses nationwide. She specializes in the cultural nuances that are particular to urban societies. She has been an entrepreneur for the majority of her life, beginning with promotions and marketing in the golden hip-hop era that developed the scene that we know in South Beach today.


Vanessa McBee is a consummate expert in business, entrepreneurship, economics, and industrialism with a classical feel of a master entrepreneur. Born and raised in the radiant sunrise of Miami, Florida, Vanessa graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Today, she is the President and Owner of McBee Innovations and Charmain & Founder of Wealth

Experience some of the mind shifting, thought stimulating, and electrically charged conversations born in the mind of V. McBee. 


Contact us to have this dynamo as a speaker at your next event. 


Followers are created through research 

Masters are created through insight.

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