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Beyoncé is Assisting With Housing Evictions & Foreclosures

Updated: Feb 28

The BeyGOOD Impact Fund created by the BeyGood Foundation has been instrumental in providing more than 250 grants to small businesses of $10k each.

Source: Beyonce.com Press Release

The organization is now reaching out to individuals and families that are facing foreclosure and evictions due to the financial impact created by the Coronavirus. It will provide $5,000 to each applicant that is approved and they are projecting to help 100 families.

The application is open right now and the deadline is January 27, 2021. The application process is being handled by the NAACP. It is important that applicants apply as soon as possible to increase their chances of accessing the funds that are available.

Information Needed:

  • Basic Information: Name, address, phone number, email

  • Purpose: Mortgage or Rent, amount, last payment

  • Statistical Information: Race, gender

  • Statement of Purpose: why you need the money

  • Documentation: Recent mortgage statement, a notice of late rental payment, lease agreement, verification of employment

  • Declarations: virtual interview agreement, keep up future payments, NAACP membership


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